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Happy First Day Of Spring!!

POLLYMETICS is exstatic for the new season and want you to be too! Here at POLLYMETICS, we want you to get glowing and growing at all seasons and that requires different formulas for different weather! This spring is all about GLO baby GLO, our oil based skin glaze! This light alternative to Polly’s Whipped Shea Butter will provide your skin with nutrients and moisturer without the heavy weight of the Whipped Shea Butter , which is perfect for harsh months. With that, Polly’s Whipped Shea Butter shill be pulled out of inventory until fall 2018! Also another change is coming to POLLYMETICS. Starting at the beginning of April, “Build Your Own Bar” will no longer be located in the products option, it will have its own separate function as POLLYMETICS is now offering premixed formulas for faster processing! This spring we are getting new and refreshing custom scents in addition to the classics that were originally offered! Have a poppin season with POLLYMETICS 🍬