POLLYMETICS is an all natural skincare line with a direct focus on targeting the needs of people of color, while remaining affordable. Products are made to order and hand crafted with each shipment, featuring premium and quality ingredients. Items are created with quality, whipping body butters over the course of days to ensure that the experience is everything and more. Products feature multiple sizes and the standard size for these products are 4ozs. POLLYMETICS offers a customize option known as "The Remedy" which features a consult and a customized product, please contact us for more details. 

The overall goal of POLLYMETICS is to be a source of productivity and innovation within the community. We thrive to host local donations for organizations and we thrive to raise awareness on what can be done n local spaces to make this world a better place. This is a space for community and love and everyone who partakes in the POLLYMETICS community is loved and accepted. It is in our long term goals to create spaces for individuality as well as community and will be hosting fundraisers to support back to school drives, food drives, and so many other events.