This product is absolutely amazing. It helps to soften your skin and brings back natural color , I would recommend this product to anybody it is absolutely fantastic. Must try!


Your product has really made my skin glow more than ever!! I really love the fact that it's all organic, so i know my skin wont have and side affects. Once I put on your product I feel so fresh and rejuvenated. Definitely a 10/10 for me.


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Skincare products are handmade and that's what makes them great! Please allow 7-11 days for processing, or choose next day shipping at checkout!

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Pollymetics is a great affordable skin care product line. You will get a meaningful shopping experience where you know the producer cares about the consumer. One of my favorites right now is the Thicker Than A Snicker eyebrow serum. My eyebrows have filled in their ends and patchy spots! You won’t be disappointed with Pollymetics!



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Hey Pollets! I am so glad that you have interest in my new skincare line POLLYMETICS! I want to start by saying thank you for checking me out! I started thisbusiness after watching my mama in the kitchen growing up, she kept me moisturized and glowing all through my childhood, i decided to create my own version of the products I grew up on and in October of 2017 decided to take myself more seriously and turn it into a company . With the influenceof my moms "hair crack" recipe , I created my first shea butter formula and soon expanded into sugar scrub, eyebrow serums and body oils. The mission of POLLYMETICS is to create affordable and quality items for all skin types and races! I want you to look at my skincare line as the universal bondage of a community! Everyone deserves to glow because everyone is beautiful!

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